In the Early Years setting, the children have been very excited to learn lots of new information about simple electrical circuits. They have taken part in a super practical workshop with Mr Beet, as a fun and informative way of launching the use of our two new MakerSpace trolleys. The children have learnt lots of new vocabulary, including words such as battery, electricity, power, circuit, invisible and connected. They have been investigating three different simple circuits and the concept of cause and effect. The children have explored their new STEM equipment to help each other to light up bulbs, create a buzzing sound and to show different colours light up in sequence! The children will be having lots of opportunities to create their own circuits and to incorporate these into their own long term projects, such as box model houses, lighthouses and art work for example. We are looking forward to involving our families in these projects during the summer term. Well done everyone and a big thank you to Mr Beet!